4 j cylinder block casting process as a whole the design of the mode of production

by:XEX     2021-04-04
4 j cylinder ( As shown in figure 1, figure 2) Overall analysis, from the cylinder, the main process of precision castings' target='_blank'>casting design is divided into the following several kinds of sand core: main body, water jacket and oil duct, turbine spiral case, tappet chamber etc. Several kinds of sand core. Figure 1 4 j on the cylinder block surface figure 2 4 j cylinder block surface under the first design scheme of type 4 j cylinder body up and down. 4 j cylinder structure YS6012 cylinder product structure of original products, our company draw lessons from the early problems in the product, when designing 4 j cylinder to avoid the same problem as much as possible. YS6102 cylinder ( Figure 3, figure 4) In the process of production, spiral case, the turbine USES in the box above the core down to the core. Figure 3 YS6102 on cylinder body surface figure 5, figure 6 as the core. The production process will first volute, turbo core stick on the side panel, and then with the principal part of the core assembly together, finally the window core on turbine core, assembly and technology way way more disadvantages, mainly as follows: figure 4 YS6102 figure 5 on the cylinder block surface sand core assembly 1 figure 6 YS6102 YS6102 cylinder block sand core assembly 2 first vortex shell core and the vortex core assembly, assembly process easy to bind or stick is not on the side panel or partial cause cores, in turning process is easy to knock against. And in the core group of core and main body, window turbo core fracture occur frequently, in the process of casting blank is also often appear casting scrap due to turbine fracture, and the larger proportion. Then put the turbine on the box, in the pouring process of gas is larger, the tendency to produce blowhole defects is large, in the process of normal production of the product defects is the main waste air hole, up to 20% every year due to the porosity scrap castings. So in the early stages of the design 4 j block, require that the turbine in sand core box, the tappet chamber on the sand core box is on the main core and set of core.
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