4 j cylinder block casting tappet chamber with the principal part of the core assembly optimization set

by:XEX     2021-04-04
Through core under the whole process, how to tappet chamber under the core is as a focal point of design if the design is bad, it's easy to have a porosity, tappet chamber is broken and manufacturing difficulties and a series of subsequent cannot solve the problem. Figure 1 4 j, the turbine cylinder body figure 2 4 j cylinder core way under the core way under the tappet chamber design process, because there are three pretty injection hole through hole, so the hole designed all three, and three connected and inserted into the main body in the core in the assembly, on the other side placed together with hedge, core as shown in figure 1, figure 2. This kind of design method can reduce the pretreating process of hole. But in the process of production, on both sides of the small injection hole cannot be made in production, in the process of shoot sand here can't shoot up, all lead to core scrap rate is very high, in the exhaust system and shoot sand pressure, after adjusting for core scrap rate is high and also affect the normal production debugging. Optimize the tappet chamber, on this issue will be on both sides of the through hole on the precision castings' target='_blank'>casting process, machining hole and accordingly will cooperate with the main body of two core head remove, cooperate with the main body part. Modified tappet chamber normal production, on-site form ShengChanBan production can reach 150. Figure 3 is the changed structure. Figure 3 tappet chamber structure after change
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