A drain construction quality control measures ( A)

by:XEX     2021-01-08
( A) Display interface wipe with empty crack phenomenon as: rain sewage pipe interface parts of the cement mortar and steel wire net with cement mortar, transverse and longitudinal cracks and empty drum, even fall off. After cause analysis: ( 1) Wipe with mortar mixture ratio is not accurate, workability, poor uniformity; ( 2) Interfaces to wipe with cement mortar with strong leather binding; ( 3) After the interface with wipe with mortar, does not cover insulation, or thin layer, frost heave, wipe band and tube sheet out of line. Or wipe with nozzle on both ends of pipe sections, which have not been closed, the tube body not covered, the formation of the tube body naked, tube drafts, union overall cold shrink, cause on interfaces with the mortar with cracking; ( 4) Duct tape all thick, only survival, according to a layer of mortar is too thick. Or water cement ratio is too large, causing shrinkage is bigger, crack; ( 5) Tube joint is larger, wipe with mortar pipe leakage, then use gravel, brick, wood, paper scraps, etc sundry filling, also easy to cause the empty drum crack. The damage that is: ( 1) How empty crack will not be able to close the water, must be thoroughly rework redo, a waste of manpower and material resources; ( 2) Storm sewer wipe with empty drum crack, also want to redo the redo. Otherwise, when during the heavy rain storm sewer full flow, through pipe seam scouring the clay into a tube, ground subsidence, endanger the safety of the ground structures and roads; ( 3) Practice has proved that the root of the upper soil layer, easily through the damaged pipe seam. cause tube, and can cause many fibrous roots, blocking pipe, small diameter pipeline it is difficult to dredge, sometimes will be blocked. Construction quality control measures: ( 1) Slurry interface with belt and wire mesh with cement mortar interface for greater than or equal to 700 mm pipe, pipe joint for more than 10 mm, wipe with time should be at the tube outlet with thin bamboo with a mat, the slurry in pipe joints filled with compacted, and layered do. ( 2) Wipe with a complete, shall be immediately covered with flat soft material, 3 ~ 4 h after water keeping in good health. ( 3) Winter construction with cement mortar with, not only to do full thermal insulation of duct tape, but also need to play, section on both ends of the tube, has been build by laying bricks or stones good inspection Wells of wellhead, cover the closed heat preservation, prevent wear tube cold wind and play seas union severe contraction, cause the duct tape in the interface crack. Winter construction mixing cement mortar, the application is less than 80 ℃ water, less than the sand of 40 ℃. ( 4) Before turns the soil concealed engineering acceptance, must check one by one. ( 2) Interface with prominent tube wall with mortar ( Grey teeth) Performance of the phenomenon is: from a section of a pipe with a flashlight or mirrors to check small diameter pipe ( Below 30 to 600 mm) , in the pipe outlet has prominent wall of mortar. Generally higher than that of wall 1 ~ 3 cm. The biggest more than 5 cm. After cause analysis: ( 1) Less than or equal to 600 mm in small diameter pipe, in the concrete pipe and outlet with cement mortar with at the same time, with the city in a concrete mortar and interface through a nozzle with mortar joint into the tube, and highlight the tube wall. ( 2) In casting pipe and wipe with at the same time, did not adopt measures to eliminate ash or according to the requirements of specification. The damage that is: highlight any obstacles block water pipe wall, blocking silt, sundry, reduce drainage section, reduce discharge, serious when accumulated debris barring the pipeline. Construction management control measures: ( 1) Pipe diameter less than or equal to 600 mm pipe, at the concrete casting pipe and wipe with at the same time, cooperate with sacks balls or other tools drag back and forth in the pipe, drag the mortar will flow into the tube. ( 2) Diameter greater than or equal to 700 mm pipe, in the pouring concrete pipe and wipe after, before the final set of concrete and mortar, should cooperate with inner pipe joints.
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