A: ductile iron pipe cleaning method

by:XEX     2020-11-11
A: ductile iron pipe cleaning method will the nodular cast iron GuanCheng mouths all debris removal is swabbed clean. The aprons on the adhesion of clear clean, bend the aprons as 'plum blossom shape' or '8' figure into the socket, groove along the entire aprons with the hand press it again, or use the rubber hammer to hit solid, ensure that each department of synthetic don't become warped twisting, evenly card in the slot. The lubricant evenly besmear to brush the inner surface of synthetic installed in the socket, socket to be outside the pin surface coating lubricant when line all of pin position beyond the brush divide evenly. Pipe should be according to the requirement of the pipe under the next to drain, usually using artificial pipe under the law or mechanical method. Installation of machines and equipment: ductile iron pipes will be ready machines installed, when installation, pay attention to not to have clean pipe parts of pollution again. Ductile iron pipes and ordinary contain graphite in cast iron pipe monomer, that is to say is a combination of iron and graphite cast iron. There is flake graphite of ordinary cast iron, the strength of the graphite is very low, so the match there are a lot of flake in cast iron free kuang, ductile iron pipes so ordinary cast iron intensity is lower, brittle. The graphite graphite cast iron is spherical, proportion in cast iron has a lot of spherical opening free. Globular kuang to free the strength of cast iron are far smaller than flake opening free, so than ordinary cast iron nodular cast iron pipe strength intensity is much higher. ( The original from: http://www. xexfoundry。 com/)
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