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Guangzhou Xinerxun Metal Trading Co., Ltd. is located in nansha district of guangzhou, the center of pearl river delta of guangdong province, adjacent to huangpu port, shunde port, nansha port and shunde port. Therefore, transportation is very convenient. The company is a manufacturing and trade integration enterprise, under the three departments: machinery foundry, automation machinery equipment, refrigeration and heating electrical copper pipe parts processing.


1. Casting machinery processing department: automotive hardware cast iron, longmen high-speed punch casting, cast steel globe valve. Rubber machinery cast iron, packaging machinery cast iron, injection molding machine series cast iron, CNC lathe cast iron, resin sand large gantry milling cast iron, automobile mold cast iron, large ship heavy cast iron, harvester counterweight cast iron, lighting configuration block. Aluminum casting: sand aluminum casting, robot aluminum casting, bronzing machine aluminum casting, ultrasonic aluminum casting.


2. Automaton: double Y automatic screw machine, automatic glue feeder, automatic label feeder, automatic tape winding machine, automatic glue machine, CCD visual automatic inspection equipment, intelligent manipulator, etc.


3. Red copper pipe production workshop: air conditioning red copper pipe welding processing, air conditioning red copper gas water heater pipe bending processing, special-shaped red copper pipe processing, red copper capillary processing.

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