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by:XEX     2021-03-18
Metal mould is made of metal molds, dongguan casting foundry casting mould is used for model, namely the modelling with the model, including wooden, metal mould, resin mold, plastic mold. Metal mould and die including aluminum mold, iron mold, and so on. Casting in foundry casting mold consists of metal mould, plastic mould, wood mold, foam mold four categories, this is in the service life of the permutation order, the price is lower in turn. Sand mold casting, if demand is high, surface of the parts in bulk, usually using modelling of metal mould, second can choose plastic mold ( Resin mold) Modelling, the two mould cost is higher, but the parts size can to effectively guarantee; If parts surface requirement is not high, or belong to small batch of single production, general use wooden mold modelling, the cost is low. Foam mould is mainly used in lost foam casting, dimension precision is very high, but one-time investment is larger, the bubble can't reuse. For complex dongguan lumen foundry casting castings, such as diesel engine cylinder head water chamber, the exhaust pipe, etc. , generally is no guarantee that the metal mould, according to the technological characteristics make special used for hot ( Cold) The special metal mold core box production.
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