Ac power cord to cause nodular cast iron pipe corrosion and the solution

by:XEX     2021-02-24
Due to the electrical discontinuity in the embedded ductile casting' target='_blank'>cast iron pipe length and the grounding, basically overhead ac power cord does not usually cause corrosion or security problems. Ac power lines and underground pipes share right of way as a result, the pipe above the magnetic induction can detect the voltage and current. The size of the pipeline on detecting the voltage and current is a function of many variables, include the length of the pipeline is perpendicular to the ac power supply cord, longitudinal resistance of the pipeline and pipe resistance of the coating. Ductile iron pipe nominal length should be 18 feet and 20 feet, and should be connected with the rubber gasket system. These have a rubber gasket joint acquisition from the resistance of one ohm to a few ohms, but not enough to ductile stainless steel pipe as electrical after. Rubber gasket joint, in fact, often can make the pipe shed, constraints on its electrical continuity, avoid induction into a problem. Similarly, in most cases, nodular cast iron pipe is naked, only 1 mil asphalt coating a layer of standard, so they all over the whole length of precise grounding, further to avoid the pipe above the magnetic induction. Seamless pipe dredge method. So, as a fire broke out in tap water mixed plastic coated steel pipe manufacturer for the north. Building water supply plastic coating mixed concrete production enterprise's main products are plastic coated steel pipe, plastic lining steel pipe and plastic steel pipe rolling. For pipeline pressure test work. Should exhaust after pressure test, pipeline water filling after pressure testing, see whether can pressure standard of construction suggestion. For the benefit of both companies and dealers, coated steel tube enterprises make fluctuation effect of mix concrete distributor is very stable. Under step, can support each other again, build the famous brand effect of mixed steel pipe at home and abroad, cope with the effect of mixed concrete at home and abroad market demand, mutual transformation. In order to ensure the quality of layer, shorten the service life of the buried steel pipe, should strictly carry out the following requirements. Galvanized mixed steel tube connected to use thread, groove connected, connected to the flange, welding and double metal welding. Life is oxygen combined with coal tar and its components to epoxy coal asphalt mixture paving compaction of the time.
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