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by:XEX     2021-01-09
In recent years, the fine casting yield achieved big progress in our country, our country has become a great nation of precision casting production. In a wide range of rapid growth, the level of industry is closely related with casting professional. Advanced precision casting industry in our country should be against the four aspects, the dongguan MAO embryo foundries to explain to you! Casting is the warp and woof of all industries, if do not have a casting professional support, cars entering the desire of the family's impossible in China. The industry of a country to revive without advanced production skills, and casting should definitely ranked first advanced production skills. So the casting skill levels of concave and convex has become the measure of a country manufacturing level the important symbol of concave and convex, is also a crucial place in national industrial level. In our country are casting power rather than casting powers is a true reality, to casting foundry industry in China are now powers new step into this industry, to promote the advanced placement in foundry industry, onto a new stage, to carry out the fine casting is crucial. Precision casting is one of the world foundry industry, some people with fine casting skills on international development situation to distinguish between a country's level of casting, so the precision casting and casting yield force to carry out the state's representative, in order to promote our country's fine casting professional conduct, it should be from the following four principles. Our fine casting foundry skills except ChangDian, practitioners, high yield, compared with developed countries, in terms of quality, power, power and material cost, labor conditions and environmental protection have distance. It is understood that the industrial developed countries in the world of fine casting skills to carry out the sums up roughly four policy, our country's fine casting professional should also is quite close to the four aspects: 1. Improve casting quality and reliability, produce high quality close to the end shape casting; 2. Shorten the delivery time; 3. Protect the environment, cut that eliminate pollution; 4, down production cost. Fine casting in our country now still cannot reach this policy, to make the precise casting industry in China reached the world advanced level, you must start from the reality of our country, to promote fine casting industry to carry out quickly. Pay attention to product technology, production of product quality is stable, reliable choice of dongguan embryo foundry, MAO xin, foundry is your first choice.
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