Anomaly detection and control of the die-casting machine

by:XEX     2021-03-15
Xin, Jason castings' target='_blank'>precision casting today to share anomaly detection and control of the die-casting machine. For die casting machine anomaly detection and control of the need for each specific exceptions, analyze it and the reason of abnormal phenomenon, then write the appropriate procedures in the PLC program of detection and control, the machine can sound an alarm in time, according to the severity of automatically stop the current actions or stop the pump and other measures to protect the machine and personal safety. Workers can be based on touch screen, intuitive find abnormal reason, maintenance after the completion of the confirmation is unusual, and regression in situ control machine in manual mode, until the light is in situ. Here, need special exception occurs after the machine can not stop action or pump, until exception resolution, abnormal confirmation before they can begin to action or kai pump again. Die-casting machine movement control needs a lot of limit switch to trip and check with the location, but after a period of time limit switch is used, the moving parts of the movement characteristics, pressing the switch mechanical reliability and quality and character of the limit switch can cause abnormal limit switch, such as neutron insert in place and drew limit switch transmission at the same time, or don't send inquiry; Adjustable die and adjustable die small limit switch transmission at the same time, or not hair news, etc. At this point, the die casting machine control system to timely detect the abnormal, alarm and prompt information, and stop action is convenient for maintenance workers. In injection control proximity switch for example, under the limit switch anomaly detection and control were introduced. As shown in figure 1, the injection control limit switch. Figure 1 injection control limit switch distribution with limit switch control of die casting machine injection action is usually slow injection, a quick shot, two fast shot and pressurization. In automatic mode, abnormal limit switch, the injection process is only allowed to execute slow injection action, other injection action cannot be started, the pressure of the system flow using slow injection pressure and flow. Injection limit switch anomaly detection are: manual mode, no injection or under pressure back into action, injection ( Pressure to return to, a fast, two fast, pressurization bits, etc. ) Limit switches are not hair, or board injection or abnormal pressure switch back to the time limit, the exception is founded. Automatic mode, not injection or back pressure, the limit switch is unusual, or injection timeout or back pressure action, injection ( Pressure to return to, a fast, two fast, pressurization, to stand out) Limit switches are not hair, abnormal was established. Figure 2 shows the above a situation of abnormal injection position switch, limit switch in the process of the injection control process of fault detection and die-casting machine movement. Exception handling methods: abnormal after contact, die casting machine must be switched to manual mode, view the man-machine interface of alarm information, prompt may contain & other; Pressure to a proximity switch failure & throughout; ,“ A fast approach switch failure & throughout; ,“ Two fast proximity switch failure & throughout; ,“ Pressurization proximity switch failure & throughout; One or more of the following. Check the corresponding limit switch, make the fault of limit switch to get electricity, the alarm reset and control the die casting machine back in manual mode. Figure 2 injection limit switch in the process of anomaly detection and control
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