Antiwear properties of ductile iron pipes

by:XEX     2020-11-29
Antiwear properties of the nodular cast iron pipe because of nodular cast iron pipe flake graphite, and graphite is a kind of small density, low strength and low hardness, plasticity and toughness towards zero components. It exists as the existence of a large number of small gap on the steel substrate, which reduced bearing area, and increase the crack source, so the low strength of gray iron, ductile, ductile iron pipe cannot be pressure processing is mostly used for steelmaking and malleable cast iron blank. Most or all of the carbon in cast iron with free state of flake graphite. Fracture is grey. It has good casting properties, cutting good processability, antifriction, wear well, plus its melting ingredients is simple, low cost, widely used in the manufacture of complicated castings and wear-resistant parts. Grey cast iron as matrix was different, ductile iron pipes are divided into ferrite grey cast iron and pearlitic - - - - - - - Ferrite base grey cast iron and pearlitic grey cast iron. Due to a large amount of alloy elements contained in the special cast iron, ductile cast iron pipe made in smelting and casting performance, with the alloying cast iron have significant difference. Most of the alloy elements reduce the casting properties of cast iron, and contains a lot of special cast iron casting performance of alloy elements is usually very poor, easy to produce a variety of casting defects in casting process, so you need to aim at the characteristic of all kinds of cast iron in the smelting and casting, take the appropriate process measures, prevent the occurrence of defects, to ensure the quality of castings. ( The original from: http://www. xexfoundry。 com/)
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