Appeared in the process of casting foundry industry trachoma, blowhole defects such as

by:XEX     2020-11-05
Of the common defects are: castings' target='_blank'>cast iron casting porosity, adhering sand, sand inclusion, sand holes, heaving sand, cold shut, misrun, shrinkage porosity, shrinkage cavity, lack of meat, sarcoma and so on. Why will always appear defects casting process? Gas liquid metal in the crust before failure to escape, thus generated hole defects in the castings. Casting defects, however, has always been a difficulty of foundry enterprises, casting defect problem solving is bad will affect the quality of the castings. Foundry enterprises in the production of all kinds of casting defects such as appeared in the process of machine parts wear, scratch, sand holes, pinhole, crack, deformation defects, hardness, damage reduction, increased the production cost of enterprises. Commonly used welding machine: on the market at present, using for defect repair weld repairs, generally has the following kinds: first, the argon arc welding, aluminum alloy die castings with argon arc welding machine for welding repair. Part of the mould manufacturing and repair factory, also USES the welding repair mold defect. Advantages: welding repair of high efficiency, high precision of the electric welding machine. Disadvantages: used for defect repair, small defect fix ( Porosity, sand holes) , because the impact is too large, molten pool line trace ( Bite edge phenomenon) 。 Weld steel has a hard point. Due to thermal effects, non-ferrous casting or thin-walled weld repairs, easy to produce thermal deformation. Operating higher technical requirements. Second, electric welding machine, cast iron, cast steel weld with traditional way. Advantages: repair defects. Disadvantages: solder joints on high hardness after welding, internal stress, prone to cracks, general need annealing heat treatment can meet the requirements of processing. And because of welding conditions, internal easy to produce the secondary defects such as porosity, slag. Cold welding machine: the introduction of foreign technology, through the micro electric instant high heat resulting from the discharge will be special welding wire cladding to damaged parts of the workpiece, and the original base material welding, welding just after a few fine polishing post-processing. Advantages: 1. Without preheating, and so are not black, no deformation, bite edge and residual stress, won't produce local annealing. 2. High efficiency and energy saving: although only 1200 w power, but the weld speed, the effect is the same kind of 4000 w for several times. 3. Power supply, inverter power supply, energy conservation, environmental protection, high efficiency, stable performance, light machine 4. High precision of repair: the thickness of the overlaying welding from several microns to several millimeters, grinding, polishing, small color difference or no color difference after repair. 5. Environmental: no pollution in the process of work. 6. Usability: anyone easy to use, need not operation certificate, place where it is difficult to welding welding can be performed. 7. Economy: in the scene immediately repair, improve the production efficiency, cost savings.
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