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Application of casting counterweight iron

Application of casting counterweight iron


      Industrial counterweight iron can be used as an accessory in different products in different fields, giving full play to weight gain and maintaining balance. Terex / Demag counterweight iron is not only used in large machinery and equipment, but also widely used in excavator counterweight iron, forklift counterweight iron, loader counterweight iron, crane counterweight iron and other industries. Generally, for tractors that balance cargo, counterweight irons should be placed on the front or rear of the car to increase the friction of the tires, thereby increasing traction. Counterweight iron is also often used in our daily table lamps to increase the stability of placement. There is also the counterweight of the elevator;

Counterweight iron is more widely used in small household appliances, toys and other fields. Some of these areas will maintain the balance and stability of their center of gravity, while others will compensate for the light weight of the product itself to increase weight and feel. At the same time, the application of counterweight iron in these fields is sometimes a more reasonable design choice and a more economical method.                                                                                                                                                                                            

                                                                                                              Terex counterweight iron


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