Austenitic - The bainite ductile cast iron

by:XEX     2021-01-18
Rare earth magnesium nodular cast iron in high strength low alloy nodular cast iron, besides more research on copper, molybdenum, also studied the nickel, niobium, etc. In the use of natural vanadium titanium cast iron production of vanadium titanium alloy nodular cast iron, some units in a large number of domestic and systematic work. Although manganese in nodular cast iron in performance is not stable, but years of research and production application system, has obtained the remarkable economic benefits. In the aspect of heat resistant nodular cast iron, besides the silicon in nodular cast iron, total system is studied and Si + Al antigrowth ability of rare earth magnesium nodular cast iron. In our country developed RQTAL5Si5 heat-resisting cast iron used as the service life of heat resistant bar is 3 times of gray cast iron, 2 times the ordinary heat-resisting cast iron, and with Japan Cr25Ni13Si2 the service life of heat resistant steel. High nickel austenite nodular cast iron has also made progress, it in oil machinery, chemical equipment, industrial furnace device applications are successful. In acid nodular cast iron, the production of rare earth high silicon ductile iron than ordinary high silicon cast iron of small, uniform, dense, as a result, the corrosion resistance increased by 10% ~ 90%, and its mechanical strength has improved significantly. In the early 1970 s, China almost at the same time, the United States, Finland three countries announced research success has high strength, high toughness of austenitic - The bainite ductile cast iron ( Internationally known collectively ADI) , this kind of material of the tensile strength of 1000 mpa, so it is widely used in gear and a variety of structures, compared with alloy steel, the - Bei nodular cast iron has a remarkable economic benefit and social benefit. Ductile iron material in our country has built several ductile cast iron pipe factory, and will also have a few ductile iron pipe factory built in recent years. In 2000, our annual production of centrifugal casting ductile iron pipes up to 900000 tons. In addition, our country developed by horizontal continuous casting of nodular cast iron profiles production line has been through the national identification, and there have been many enterprises put into production. Coupled with the introduction of a production line in our country, to 2002, the annual output capacity of tens of thousands of tons of nodular cast iron material. Mechanical properties and other performance system to determine the mechanical properties of rare earth magnesium nodular cast iron and other performance, provide the relevant data for designers. Determination of the proportion of the rare earth magnesium nodular cast iron, thermal conductivity, electrical magnetic, such as physical properties, combined with metallographic standard graphite was studied and the base structure on the properties of nodular cast iron are studied. Systematically measured the ferritic nodular cast iron at room temperature, low temperature, under the condition of the static and dynamic performance. In addition, the stress and strain performance of rare earth magnesium nodular cast iron was studied, small energy impact resistance and fracture toughness, and used to guide production. Combined with the application of ductile iron gear, but also systematically studies the bending fatigue strength and contact fatigue strength of ductile iron, and the ductile iron gear pitting and spalling mechanism, etc.
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