Automation Equipment Service

Development Process of Non-standard Automation Equipment

1. Identifying development projects and understanding customer needs

1. Product quality requirements;

2. Requirements of equipment production efficiency;

3. Equipment working environment.

2. Analytical Products

1. Understanding the production process of products;

2. Understand all aspects of product size requirements and incoming materials;

3. Communicate with customers the matters needing attention in the production process;

4. Technical parameters of the place where the equipment is used.

11. Machine Assembly

1. The assembly department arranges the personnel to assemble and debug the machine. According to the list of processed parts and standard parts, the assembly personnel collect the processed parts and standard parts from the warehouse.

2. The assembler assembles the machine strictly according to the assembly drawings.

A) Whether the assembly of parts and actuators is correct;

B) All moving parts move smoothly without interference;

C) all fasteners and joints shall be connected to ensure that they are fastened in place and connected reliably;

3. The Industrial Control Department arranges electrical engineers to distribute power according to the action instructions, and to compile and debug the machine program.

12. Machine Debugging

The assembler debugs the machine according to the product engineering drawings provided by the customer, proofs after debugging, and submits the product quality to the customer.

13. Packaging and Delivery

1. Check all fasteners and joint connections to ensure that the fastening is in place and the connection is reliable.

2. Clean the appearance of the equipment, paste necessary signs and labels;

3. Mark the dismantling position, straighten out the dismantling pipeline and dismantle the equipment reasonably;

4. Necessary protective measures (rust-proof and moisture-proof);

5. Prepare spare parts, operation instructions, wiring diagrams and other technical data.



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