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Basic knowledge of casting product mold design

by:XEX     2020-11-07
A, choosing the casting pouring position of casting, casting's position in the cast, called pouring position. 1, casting machining surface or main working face should be 2, casting down in the mold of thin wall part should be put in the bottom of the mold or gating system on the following 3, casting large plane should be put in the bottom of the mold of 4, prone to shrinkage of casting, should put most of thick cast above 5, try to reduce the number of cores, and consider the core and convenient type 2, choose the parting surface 1 and repeat the most or all of the casting in a sand box 2, shall make the casting and machining datum in a sand box 3, number 4, as far as possible to minimize the parting surface to reduce the number of core 5, try to make the parting surface flat three, determine the process parameters and machining allowance (1 1) Casting size tolerance; ( 2) Machining allowance level; ( 3) Machining allowance number 2, stripping slope shape easily removed from the mold or core from core boxes out, parallel to the draw direction in or the core box wall slope, called up the slope. 3, line shrinkage casting in solid e contraction, will cause the casting parts size decreases. In order to make the size of the casting after cooling are consistent with the size of the casting drawing, need to be in shape with the size of the solid casting shrinkage. Shrinkage rate = ( L shape - L casting) / L shape & times; 100% ( 1) The structure of castings, 2) Cast rolled 4, minimum cast out of the hole according to the production experience, under the condition of single piece and small batch production, the minimum gray cast iron casting aperture is 30 ㎜, carbon steel casting the smallest aperture of 50 ㎜. 5, the size of the core head ( 1) Core head length ( 2) Core head slope 6, casting manufacturing fillet shape, wall to make connections and the corner arc transition, called a casting with rounded corners. For small castings, outer radius generally take 2 ~ 8 ㎜, fillet radius usually take 4 ~ 16 ㎜. Fourth, determine the types of gating system ( 1) Top note type gating system is suitable for simple small weight, height and shape of thin wall castings, can also be applied to the top of feeding medium and small thick wall castings. ( 2) Bottom note type gating system are suitable for medium and large height is thick wall castings. Is often used to easy oxidation of non-ferrous metal materials, because the liquid metal can rise smoothly and no splash phenomenon. ( 3) Type in the gating system is widely used in all kinds of wall thickness, height, horizontal size bigger castings. ( 4) Step gating system applied in the large, complex large castings.
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