Bearing wear problems do, small make up take you to easily solve the - bearing

by:XEX     2020-11-11
Due to a bearing can choose different bearing seat, and a bearing seat at the same time can choose different types of bearings, as a result, many varieties of the bearing. Bearing wear problems do, small make up take you easy to solve. 1. Surface treatment, will need to repair the bearing surface of oil, moisture removal; 2. Harmonic repair materials; 3. Coated material, the material evenly daub on bearing repair parts, fill strong; 4. Waiting for curing materials, can be appropriately heating material surface accelerated curing. General bearing chamber wear in 3 - 6 hours to repair complete, easy operation, no special equipment and the specialized training, compared with the laser welding, cold welding technology such as time, cost is only 1/5 - general repair expenses 1/10, the scene to repair but also reduce the maintenance time and transportation costs. Xin, Johnson was founded in 2012 on April 8, the transportation is convenient in: guangzhou, high-speed, high-speed Shen Hai, same highways as well. Factory workers casting mature technology strength of our factory has accumulated rich experience in casting, pay attention to product technology, production of stable product quality, can be comparable to similar products at home and abroad, at the same time, our factory pay attention to corporate image, to him by reputation, well received by the customers. Welcome major customers to cooperate with our factory, to provide a win-win opportunity.
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