Beijing precision casting, investment casting is more used

by:XEX     2021-03-16
Precision casting is among the more common investment casting, also known as the lost wax casting: choose appropriate casting material system ( Such as paraffin) Make investment; Touch on casting refractory coating and sand and refractory process, sclerosis type shell and dry; Then the internal casting melt away, get the cavity; Roasting shell in order to obtain enough strength, and the casting material, burning residual; Casting need metal materials; After shelling solidification cooling, deoxidization, can achieve the high precision finished products. According to the requirements of the product or heat treatment and cold working and surface treatment. Such as sand casting, mass production of the factory should create conditions for the modelling of advanced technology, core making method. Old jar type or shock squeeze moulding machine production line productivity is not high, workers labor intensity, large noise, not adapt to the requirement of mass production, shall be modified step by step. For small castings, can use horizontal parting or vertical parting flaskless type high pressure molding machine production line, solid modeling and production efficiency is high, covers an area of less; For the thing that can be used in various cases of high pressure molding machine production lines, air impact molding line, in order to adapt to the requirement of fast, high precision casting production line, core making method can be used: cold core box, hot core box, shell core efficient core method, etc. Precision casting medium batch of large castings can consider applications self-hardening resin sand molding and core making. Sheet small batch production of heavy castings, manual modeling is still the important method, manual can meet the requirements of various complex is more flexible, does not require a lot of process equipment. Can be used sodium silicate sand, sodium silicate sand mold VRH law, organic ester sodium silicate self-hardening sand, clay self-hardening sand mould and dry type, resin cement sand mold, etc. ; For a single production of heavy castings, pit modelling method of low cost, fast production. Batch production or long-term production of finalize the design product box, split box shape modelling method is appropriate, although high mould and sand box to start investing, but from compensated save modelling cycle time, improve the quality of its products. Low pressure casting, die casting, centrifugal casting and other casting method, for equipment and mold is expensive, so only suitable for mass production. https://www. xexfoundry。 com/
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