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Stay focused on the business rather than company type of Guangzhou Xinerxun Metal Trading Co., Ltd.. We are a company dedicated to the production and sales of china aluminum casting . We are established for profit. In order to make gain, we have made every effort to carry out R&D and achieve quantity production. A copy of business license may be offered if you really care about this.

Over years of development, Xin Wilson has led to an enviable reputation as a manufacturer of casting manufacturing process. We will show you the automative machine series that is most popular with customers. The following tests must be performed in XEX container corner cast steel production. These tests involve dielectric withstand inspection, insulation resistance inspection, leakage current inspection, and the like. With a complete overall structure, it has achieved superior bending and torsion resistance. This product features fire resistance to some extent. It is manufactured with a standard core as well as enhanced fire-resistive coating. Thanks to the stainless steel, it won't rust easily.

“Excellence, Integrity and Entrepreneurship” are the common beliefs we bring to our professional and personal behavior – they are the fundamental strengths of our business.
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