Cast iron pipe installation:

by:XEX     2020-11-02
Cast iron pipe installation: cast iron pipe installation, carefully insert the tube continuous, the depth of the insert in the middle of the two white lines. If discover the inserted when the resistance is too large, should immediately stop, pull the pipe out, find out the reason, and properly handle any inserts, docking the whole school to take over the head, and then set a fixed point on the other side in the pipes with jack, balance force, make the pipe insert. Used after pipe insert rod inserted into the socket to the rubber ring, a circle around the test for a uniform, insert pipe installation should pay attention to the protection of the socket. Construction continuously in the protective film sealed nozzle, not the mud and water injection pipe. Pipeline installation and laid, in addition to tapping, should be timely backfill; Backfill when layering of ramming, fill to fill above a half pipe, prevent water injection groove groove outside, cause pipeline floating, backfill soil in soft soil
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