Casting industry is moving towards the intelligence from traditional foundry casting

by:XEX     2020-11-05
Casting is an old industry, the use of physical properties of materials can be formed for the complicated shape, different structure, different scale of the casting, and then processed into all kinds of products we need. Many factors affect the quality of castings, especially all kinds of casting defects. With the application of computer numerical simulation technology, it is in the preliminary examinations of product design, and technical level of process parameters detailed quantitative, through casting process simulation to get rid of the casting process technician by personal experience of trial and error, by fuzzy random phenomena are feeling design, security design and manufacturing parameters of casting can be visualized, quantitative, and promote the application of digital; Each operation process of casting, especially for key process and key links, such as mold manufacture, core making, paint baking, etc are carried out by the quantitative parameters of unified control, now 3 d printing technology, industrial robots, etc. The successful application of advanced technology, is the reunification of the same product interact through large amounts of data accurate operation, ensure the reproducibility of product manufacturing; Online is to get rid of the traditional casting, extensive management of the digital control, solves the operating personnel changes due to the emotional factors, environmental weather differences or personnel loss caused by quality problems, in order to ensure that large quantities of the consistency of product quality. Traditional foundry industry faces serious at present our country's traditional foundry industry there exist the following problems, be badly in need of improvement. One is that China's foundry industry people environmental protection consciousness is poorer, energy consumption, the foundry enterprises abroad in improving casting technology as well as focusing on the importance of environmental protection, and domestic foundry enterprises is lacking in this aspect, has always been a high pollution, high consumption of extensive development did not take environmental protection measures. Secondly, casting technology and equipment is relatively backward in our country, the comparatively outstanding technology and equipment in China is limited to a few of the backbone enterprises, on the product quality is far cannot meet the requirements of new technology new technology, and the developed country in technology and equipment is made up of common high-end, automation. Its production casting in foundry industry is our country level is low, the accuracy is poor, in terms of craftsmanship, not even with abroad. Four is the development of small scale, poor economic benefit, while every year the casting industry manufacturers to speed up the growth rate, but many are some of the small manufacturer, cottage on a smaller scale, technology and manpower into smaller, so it is difficult to achieve significant economic results. The traditional foundry industry to intelligent has become inevitable in large data with the new period, the traditional foundry enterprises, severe challenge to the traditional way of production. “ Smart casting & throughout; 、“ Digital & throughout; Hope these new words also bring confusion. “ Smart casting & throughout; What is the specific? How far is it from us? “ Smart casting & throughout; Is the product of informationization and fusion of casting process, including smart casting technology and intelligent casting system. Smart casting technology including digital simulation, 3 d printing, robots, ERP, etc. ; Intelligent casting system is a big data repository with the ability to learn, through the contrast of information and information about themselves to the environment analysis and planning, to improve. “ Smart casting & throughout; A typical application pattern for & other; Digital foundry & throughout; ,“ Digital foundry & throughout; Means all adopt informatization management production process and quality control procedures, and financial processes, product development processes, human resources management training and so on all internal processes, at the same time with information processing of associated processes with suppliers, and customers. Can be used for simulating the whole process of simulation and control. In & other; Digital foundry & throughout; And basically eliminated the heavy manual labor, 80% of employees can work in an air-conditioned room, clean environment, at the same time, the production efficiency and the benefit is greatly improved.
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