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by:XEX     2020-11-07
About castings' target='_blank'>casting production in the process of how to effectively guarantee the quality of product knowledge may not be familiar with casting process of friends also is not very understanding, pig iron foundries to tell you today how to guarantee product quality in the process of casting production. 1, adopt appropriate quartz sand particle size, high quality coating, improve casting refractoriness, prevent adhering sand defects. 2, timely casting, using low temperature quick pouring, poured riser technology, improve the quality of castings. 3, when welding is made of high quality welding show certificates, in strict accordance with the welding operation. 4, conscientiously implement the quality responsibility system, and formulate the strict rewards and punishment standard, to ensure that every process is under control. Carefully for casting parts for production, is one of the important work, our company need to hope that the above knowledge can let the customer friend, can be controlled simply for a more in-depth understanding of casting parts, ensure enterprise production support needs help. We are professional of pig iron foundry, we have professional technical, responsible for the leadership and staff seriously, it is worth each customer's trust, casting technology consulting dongguan xin er, we'll give you the most professional answer!
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