Casting technology! The influence of pouring temperature on casting!

by:XEX     2020-11-05
Pouring temperature is too high will cause sand mold up big, especially the grey casting' target='_blank'>cast iron parts with complex cores, when pouring temperature & ge; 1420 ℃ when waste, scrap 50% when pouring temperature is 1460 ℃. In production, the use of induction furnace melting can well control the temperature of molten irons. When pouring temperature is too low may form defects ( 1) Manganese sulfide porosity such porosity below the gray cast iron pieces of epidermis and above, more often emerge after processing, stomatal 2 ~ 6 mm in diam. Sometimes hole contains a small amount of slag, metallographic studies show that the defect is made from a mix of MnS segregation and slag, reason is the pouring temperature is low, at the same time, the Mn and S content in liquid iron. Such a S content and Mn content right ( 0. 5% ~ 0. 65%) , can significantly improve the purity of molten iron, so as to effectively prevent this kind of defect. ( 2) Sand core gas porosity caused by porosity and long-short porosity is often caused by sand core the venting is not good. Because the core making sand core multiple sclerosis in the core box, it often makes sand core vent quantity is not enough. In order to form a vent, can be in core complement borehole after hardening. ( 3) Gray cast iron pieces under the epidermis after liquid slag processing will find a monomer holes, the diameter of the hole is usually 1 to 3 mm. Individual cases, only 1 ~ 2 holes. Metallographic studies have shown that these holes with a small amount of liquid slag, but it did not find S segregation. Research has shown that this kind of defects associated with pouring temperature, pouring temperature higher than 1380 ℃, did not find the defects in casting, so the pouring temperature should be controlled in 1380 & ndash; 1420℃。 Remarkably change the gating system design, to eliminate the defect, reason this kind of defects can be thought of as due to the low pouring temperature and liquid iron trace under the reducing atmosphere in pouring. Pouring temperature is the most common cause of low cast, iron liquid stay open long transportation and ladle and heat dissipation. Use ladle cover with insulation, can significantly reduce heat loss.
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