Centrifugal ductile iron pipe related introduction ( A)

by:XEX     2021-01-26
Centrifugal ductile iron pipe ( Hereinafter referred to as the ball iron pipe) With iron, the nature of the performance of the steel, high strength, Gao Yanshen, corrosion resistance, is the first choice for urban water supply and low pressure gas supply pipe. Ball iron pipe is one of the most use in water supply network of pipes, ball iron pipe with a history of nearly 60 years since the 1940 s. From abroad will get rapid development since 1960 s, the world's ball iron pipe production of about 8 million t, of which Europe 1. 6 million tons, 2. 5 million tons of North America, South America, 250000 tons, 200000 tons of the Middle East, Australia, 100000 tons, 3. 3 million tons of Asia. Production situation at home and abroad: foreign production: industrial developed countries abroad since the sixties to phase out the ordinary grey cast iron pipe, widely used for ball iron pipe, France MoSong bridge company, kubota is larger in the world, technologically advanced ball iron pipe manufacturers. Currently abroad iron pipe casting technology is mainly used in water-cooled metal mold centrifugal casting pipe technology; Difference for large diameter hot membrane or resin sand lined centrifugal casting technology. Domestic product description: according to incomplete statistics, the original cast iron pipe manufacturer for more than 200, most of the factory is in continuous casting process. In 1983, xingtai steel first hot mould centrifugal cast pipe technology were introduced. In 1998, emerging condition. and group company with independent technology development of oversize hot model centrifugal ductile iron pipe production technology, production out of the 8000 mm long, 2000 mm diameter ductile iron pipes, applied in taiyuan Yellow River diversion project. In recent 10 years, cast iron pipe manufacturer in China for technological transformation, by continuous casting foundry method to centrifugal casting, continuous casting process has been basically eliminated. Especially into the 90 s, centrifugal ductile iron pipe into the high speed development stage in our country, at present our country already has been officially eliminated by the gray cast iron pipe and the centrifugal ductile iron pipe of good opportunities for development, more than about 30 to 2007 domestic manufacturers, more than 110 centrifuges, caliber DN80-2200 mm, about 3 million tons of production capacity. In 2006, exports of centrifugal ductile iron pipe cast iron pipe and the ball has 43. 480000 t, ball iron pipe casting technology in China, has caught up with and reached the international advanced level. Second, the essence of excellent performance with iron ball iron pipe, the performance of the steel, high strength, Gao Yanshen, corrosion resistance, the world's best choice for safe and reliable for water supply. The relevant domestic departments between 1988 and 1990, 30 major urban water supply pipe such as tube, pipe, leakage accident statistics, the statistical results show that the average accident rate 0 ball iron pipe. 14 times/Km, grey cast iron pipe 0. 55 / Km, steel pipe 0. 5 / Km. Prestressed pipe 0. 54 times/Km, asbestos cement pipe 1. 72 / Km, plastic pipe 4. 68 / Km. Ball iron pipe, on average, the lowest accident rate, it is gray cast iron pipe and a quarter of the average accident rate of steel pipe, plastic pipe is 1/33 of the average accident rate. 1, the excellent comprehensive mechanical properties of a) The minimum test pressure ball iron pipe, elongation, and water pressure blasting
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