Changan stainless steel precision casting, practical application and technical improvements

by:XEX     2020-11-02
Stainless steel precision casting is a kind of silicon sol process, products in the production process of no or less cutting is a kind of casting, stainless steel precision casting is a very excellent technology, in the casting industry in the process of use is very wide. Stainless steel precision casting is not only applicable to various types of metal casting, production out of casting size, precision and surface quality are higher than any other casting method, even some difficult to casting foundry method of complex and difficult to machining castings, is casting its revestment precision casting can be used. Now the stainless steel precision casting technology has been applied in industrial production, the development requirements of the aviation jet engine manufacturing, such as impeller and blade, nozzle shape is complex, product size precision and the surface is bright and clean heat resistant alloy parts. Heat resistant alloy material is difficult to machining, parts of complex shape, so can't adopt other ways to make, the need to find a new precision forming technology, so a lot of manufacturers will draw lessons from the ancient tradition of lost wax casting. Stainless steel precision casting in the process of production of material and technology was improved, modern foundry method based on ancient technology can obtain more important development, so the development of the aviation industry is also effective to promote the application of this technology. Stainless steel precision casting is constantly improving and perfecting now, also for the aviation industry to further improve performance to create favorable conditions, so that advanced casting process obtained very big development, products in the internal combustion engine, automotive, telecommunications equipment, is widely used in ship, aviation and other industries. https://www. xexfoundry。 com/
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