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China's large casting/iron casting manufacturer

China's large casting/iron casting manufacturer


China's large casting/iron casting manufacturer China is a leader in the global foundry industry, with its production capacity and casting technology ranking first. The total sales of the foundry machinery industry reached 1.5 trillion U.S. dollars, surpassing the United States and Japan, becoming the world's number one, laying a foundation for the future development of foundry machinery Established a good foundation for development, and became a global heavy industrial country. The weight of each casting can reach 1-350 tons, making them the largest single casting made anywhere in the world. The production of giant parts has now begun, and it will produce more than 6,000 tons of molten steel. Each casting requires continuous pouring of multiple ladles. China is a country with the skills and capabilities to produce these super large castings.

Sand casting technology The tide mold modeling has undergone several development stages of manual compaction, shock + compaction, high pressure + micro-seismic compaction, pneumatic compaction, and static compaction. The essence of static pressure molding technology is "pre-compaction in air + compaction", which has the following advantages: clear contour of the mold, high and uniform surface hardness, small draft angle, high utilization rate of the pattern, and low wear of process equipment , The surface roughness of the mold is low, and the mold waste rate is low. Therefore, it is the latest and most advanced molding process, and has become the mainstream compacting process today. At present, high-pressure molding and single air-punch molding have been gradually replaced by static pressure molding. The original host of high-pressure molding line and air-punch molding line has been gradually updated to static pressure molding host, and static pressure molding technology is the first choice for new foundries. At present, the more famous foreign manufacturers of static pressure molding equipment include Germany's KW company, HWS company and Italy's Saweili company.

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