Common problems and countermeasures in spheroidal graphite cast pipe installation

by:XEX     2020-12-26
Ductile casting pipe installation common problems and countermeasures in the ductile casting tube to its high strength, toughness, good sealing performance, strong corrosion resistance, convenient installation has been widely used in urban water supply network. Now my company commonly used sliding type ( T) Ductile iron pipes in the analysis, this paper discusses some common problems in the installation process, for reference: more than one, to install in place DN600 ductile cast pipe construction often adopt chain directly into the installation method. But it happens when the pipe during installation according to the method is not easy to put in place. The causes of this phenomenon are as follows: ( 1) When installation or the pipe stress unevenness is not straight pipe assembly, causing friction resistance increases, thus the pipe is not easy to reach the designated position. Because the chain directly into type installation methods for installation, pipe rope is not easy in the tubes on either side of the center line, even if the tubes on either side of the force as there is no guarantee that the machine to receive strength evenly in the pipe. For this kind of circumstance, can be made a steel saddle ( The inner diameter slightly larger than pipe diameter) , in its mouth in the position of the center line of the pipe welding hook. Puts the saddle socket end when installation, for installation. So as to ensure the machine to receive strength evenly in the installation time on both sides of the pipe. ( 2) Because of commonly used lubricants for the soap and water, its water grooves or under the condition of high temperature little lubrication, high viscosity oil is generally selected in such a case as a lubricant. ( 3) Rubber seal installation is not correct, when the pipe for installation because the larger the friction of the aprons from its original position. ( 4) Because of non-standard operation, in the process of transportation and hoisting the socket round, which may lead to a difficult to install. This kind of situation is relatively rare, for loss of round pipe, need special tools to school round, small head damage effect more cutting machine cut to the damaged parts are available, and lay a groove. Interface conversion ductile cast pipe with steel tube and steel tube connection there are two ways: ( 1) The mechanical interface under 12 parts are connected; ( 2) Adopt steel socket connection, the interface form for abutilon expansive cement interface. Found in the construction process, such as in the form of mechanical interface, frequently, accessories in the area of high pressure wash away by water leakage; If use abutilon expansive cement interface, on the one hand, the intensity of labor is larger, cement interface for the rigid interface at the same time, on the basis of the groove is poorer, backfill quality is a bit poor and imposed load under the condition of large broken frequently, interface, and the cement interface also extend the time limit for a project accordingly. For this kind of situation, there is a more practical method -- — Steel pipe conversion of standard method ( The same as the steel cylinder pipe) 。 That make same standard of the steel pipe diameter and the ball socket diameter tube ( Less commonly used in more than 12, 12 the following) To standard pipe welding on the coil plate steel pipe, and then insert the steel tube standard ball GuanCheng mouth if the tube socket into the steel pipe, tube small head thru increase a double set of ductile iron ( Ductile sleeve) And then transformed using standard pipe. This not only reduces the labor intensity, speed up the construction progress, also increase the possibility of a pressure test a success and the safety and reliability of the water supply. Three, curve often is curve in laying in piping laying but not radian, at this time should be in a straight line drawn tube ways of the reentry after pipe installation in place, such as during the installation process must be on the outer edge of the arc with small wood will have paved the pipe supports, in order to avoid displacement. Four, other problems that should pay attention to in construction interface drip, sometimes happen in order to avoid this phenomenon, when installation should be carried out in accordance with the 'norm' installation, should guarantee to the ductile iron pipes are installed, the root of large diameter pipe need to check the status of each interface aprons. ( The original from: http://www. xexfoundry。 com/)
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