Concrete lining of centrifugal ductile iron pipe the advantages and disadvantages?

by:XEX     2021-02-21
Ductile iron pipes are compared with the performance of the common cast iron pipe, ductile iron pipe production process is added in the ordinary cast iron pipe materials such as magnesium, calcium alkaline earth metal and rare metal casting. Casting process of nodular cast iron pipe with method of continuous casting, hot casting method and the water-cooling centrifugal casting method, the water cooling method for the world's most advanced technology, different process ductile iron technical performance compared with ordinary cast iron pipe, it not only maintain the corrosion resistance of ordinary cast iron pipe, and has high strength, good toughness, wall thin, light weight, impact resistance, bending performance, easy installation, etc. So ductile iron pipes are not only widely used in foreign countries, and also got very good use at home, in many areas in China, ductile cast iron pipe in medium and small diameter water pipe has been widely used; Ductile iron pipes are compared with the performance of the steel pipe: steel pipe can be divided into the seam pipes and seamless steel pipe, is generally used in feed pipe tathagata tube. Compared with nodular cast iron pipe, steel pipe has good toughness, tensile strength, thin wall, high pressure resistance, pipe length, less interface, the biggest drawback is the difference in corrosion resistance and high price. So in general, in addition to the small diameter pipeline and special engineering ( Such as pipe jacking engineering; Ductile iron pipes are compared with the performance of the prestressed reinforced concrete pipe, ductile pipe with the prestressed reinforced concrete pipe ( Is suitable for large diameter pipeline, the largest diameter has more than 2000) , has the following features: ( 1) To save energy, the main material for sand, stone, can use local materials. ( 2) Big weight, crisp texture, chisel cutting hard times, the construction difficulty is relatively large. ( 3) Working pressure is lower than ductile pipe 2 o % 40%, 0. 15 - 0. 25MPa。 ( 4) The maximum deflection Angle of 1. 5 degrees, and ductile iron pipes up to 3. 0 degrees, so the prestressed reinforced concrete pipe terrain adaptation ability is poor. Ductile iron pipes are compared with the performance of PVC plastic pipe: compared with the ductile iron pipes, PVC pipe is the feature of the lining is smooth, light weight, good corrosion resistance, fouling prevention performance, low price, but the disadvantages are more, mainly has the following points: ( 1) Easy to aging, heat bilges cold shrink, unfavorable and long-term exposure to sunlight, save the room temperature should not be greater than 40 ℃. ( 2) Low strength, the compressive performance is poor, improper construction easy cause deformation. ( 3) Poor rigidity, but the deflection difference, easy cause leakage.
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