Construction - ductile cast iron pipe - Quality standard

by:XEX     2020-12-07
- ductile pipe construction - Quality standard ( 1) Check the well deviation table number projects to allow deviation ( mm) 1 well chamber size length, width, diameter of 203 + 202 + wellbore diameter wellhead elevation + 20 + 204 road and road 5 steps to install horizontal and vertical spacing, exposed long 10 (plus or minus 2) Ductile pipe pipe installation deviation see table allowed projects allow deviation detection frequency process groove bottom elevation ( mm) 15 10 m a slot sand cushion height ( mm) Sand cushion counterpart elevation (510 m two mm) + 510 m 2 pipe installation counterpart line displacement ( mm) + 205 m pipe installation regulated 5 min pressure drop ( Mpa) 0. 1 each one vertical displacement (six months after turns the soil water pressure test mm) — — Twice a mouth detection turns the soil displacement statues (15 days mm) — — Each two test axis location 3010 m pipe installation elevation + 20
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