Construction, installation points nodular cast iron pipe fittings

by:XEX     2020-10-26
Ductile iron pipe installation groove excavation: groove bottom width should press type meter: B = 2 (D1 b1 b2) Type: B - Pipe trench excavation width (at the bottom of the mm) D1— The outside part of the pipeline structure width ( mm) b1— The face width (on one side of the pipe mm) b2— On one side of the pipe support width ( mm) 。 Ductile iron pipe trench: according to the groove of the soil, groundwater, grooving section, factors such as the design load condition, the request is firm and reliable, to prevent landslides, stable support shall not interfere with the pipe and tube. T interface pipe in a vertical or horizontal bend should set piers. Should be based on factors such as diameter, Angle, working pressure by the transport when drinking water, calculate and determine the size of piers pipeline area should not be through the toxicants, such as must be through the protective measures should be taken. All that ductile casting' target='_blank'>cast iron pipe socket connection, must by the calculation of piers, see * * * * * * building standard design atlas 03 ss505 flexible interface water supply pipeline piers. The external anticorrosion coating of the ductile iron pipe fittings shall be in accordance to soil conditions to choose the galvanized pipe and epoxy asphalt coating or higher requirements of the coating. After installation, testing qualified, appropriate USES low chlorine ionized water flushing and 0. 03% potassium permanganate solution. Ductile iron pipe standards GB/T 13295 - 2015 water and gas pipeline using ductile iron pipes, pipe fittings and accessories of GB/T 17457 - 1998 nodular cast iron pipe cement mortar centrifugation lining of GB/T 17458 - general requirements 1998 nodular cast iron pipe fittings new mortar cement mortar centrifugation lining of GB/T 17459 - composition inspection GB/T 17456 1998 nodular cast iron pipe fittings asphalt coating nodular cast iron pipe appearance of GB/T 17219 - spraying zinc 1998 ShuPeiShui equipment and protective materials for domestic and drinking water safety evaluation standard of xin, with the management idea of honest credible, with 'started in user requirements, and finally customer satisfaction' for the purpose of the production and operation, in order to realize the users, enterprises, social three sides the goal of mutual benefit welcome patrons!
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