Could you please say sth about the details of lost foam casting molds ?
Lost foam casting is our important product. We focus on every detail from raw materials to after-sales service. You can get more information on our official website. The research and development team has spared no efforts to develop it, and another professional team monitors production and tests its quality. You need to tell us the needs, target markets and users. All of this will be the basis for us to introduce this excellent product.

Guangzhou Xinerxun Metal Trading Co., Ltd., established in the mainland, China has extensive experience in manufacturing aluminum die casting machine and has gained a good reputation. We will show you the lost foam casting series that is most popular with customers. XEX casting manufacturing process is professionally designed. Its design takes into account many structural elements such as mechanical structures, spindle bearings, control and operating structures. It sells well in 31 provinces of China and is mainly exported to America, Germany, Spain, Japan, and so on. Over the years, this product is in high demands among the customers across the country. Using carbon steel as one of the materials, it has a certain degree of plasticity and strong concentrated stress.

Our pledge to our customers is “quality and safety”. From the incoming materials inspection, components inspection, to the piece quality inspection, we promise to do best and offer the desired requirements.
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