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by:XEX     2021-01-01
Ductile pipe engineering digging slot (1) ductile pipe trench excavation before setting survey control networks, clean and level ground, and make the drainage unblocked. Digging groove, groove bottom design elevation above 0. 2 m ~ 0。 3 m's undisturbed soil should be maintained, prohibit disturbance, laying and manual cleaning, but should not be commonly dig below groove design elevation, such as local super dig, need fill and sand or is the original soil layer compaction. Ditch buried is not easy to remove the stone of hard objects or foundation in rock, rock, gravel, should wipe out to the design elevation below 0. 15 - 0. 2m。 Overbreak within 150 mm, available soil compaction. Its density is not lower than the density of natural foundation; Super dig for more than 150 mm, the stratification of the available lime soil compaction, its density is above 95%; Groove bottom of groundwater or the foundation soil water content is larger, can use natural graded gravel backfill. (2) from ductile pipe trench dug soil in the pipeline on both sides of the pile soil embankment, surface with plastic cover, to prevent surface water immersion groove. Earth embankment slope toe to groove on the edge of the distance should not be less than 500 mm, because the rainy season construction pipeline section, by surface runoff threat in pipeline construction, must make temporary flood control and having design, forbid the flood discharged into groove flood destroyed the foundation, float line, sedimentation or pipeline accident (such as The original from: http://www. xexfoundry。 com) 。
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