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by:XEX     2021-03-17
Ductile casting' target='_blank'>cast iron is in the 50 s of the 20th century developed a kind of high strength cast iron material, its comprehensive performance is close to steel, it is based on its superior performance, don't still don't know, to the construction process of ductile iron with these. In terms of high strength low alloy nodular cast iron, besides more research on copper, molybdenum, also studied the nickel, niobium, etc. Although manganese in nodular cast iron in performance is not stable, but years of research and production application system, has obtained the remarkable economic benefits. In the aspect of heat resistant nodular cast iron, besides the silicon in nodular cast iron, total system is studied and Si + Al antigrowth ability of rare earth magnesium nodular cast iron. China developed RQTAL5Si5 heat-resisting cast iron is used as the service life of heat resistant bar is 3 times of gray cast iron, 2 times the ordinary heat-resisting cast iron, and with Japan Cr25Ni13Si2 the service life of heat resistant steel. High nickel austenite nodular cast iron has also made progress, it in oil machinery, chemical equipment, industrial furnace device applications are successful. In terms of acid nodular cast iron, China's production of rare earth high silicon ductile iron than ordinary high silicon cast iron of small, uniform, dense, as a result, the corrosion resistance increased by 10% ~ 90%, and its mechanical strength has improved significantly. Rare earth can make the graphite spheroidizing. Since H. Morrogh nodular cast iron using cerium, first has many people research the spheroidizing behaviors of various rare earth elements cerium found is the most effective element of spheroidizing, other elements also have varying degrees of spheroidizing ability. In China a lot of research work on spheroidization effect of rare earth, found that rare earth elements on the commonly used nodular cast iron components ( C3。 6 to 3. 8 wt %, Si2。 0 ~ 2. 5 wt %) With magnesium nodular cast iron, it is hard to get as complete uniform spherical graphite; Moreover, when the amount of rare earths, there will be various abnormal shape of the graphite, chilling tendency also increases, but, if it is high carbon eutectic composition ( C> 4. 0 wt %) , rare earth residue is 0. 12 ~ 0. 15 wt %, can obtain good spheroidal graphite. According to the China iron and high sulfur content ( Cupola melting) And the iron temperature is low, it is necessary to add rare earth. Magnesium is a dominant element in nodularizer, rare earth on the one hand can promote the graphite spheroidizing; On the other hand to overcome and the influence of impurity element sulfur in place to ensure that spheroidizing is also a must. Rare earth damage spheroidizing to prevent interference elements. Studies show that when interference elements Pb, Bi, Sb, Te, Ti, etc. Total of 0. 5 wt %, adding 0. 01 wt % ( The residual amount) Rare earth, can fully and interference, inhibits the generation of graphite. China most of the cast iron containing titanium, titanium some cast iron containing up to 0. 2 to 0. 3 wt %, but the rare earth magnesium nodulizing agent because of rare earth residue in the iron reaches 0. 02 ~ 0. 3 wt %, so still can guarantee the graphite spheroidizing is good. If add 0 in nodular cast iron. 02 ~ 0. 3 wt % Bi, are almost completely destroyed the spheroidal graphite; If you then add 0. 01 ~ 0. Ce 5 wt %, and restore the original state of spheroidizing, this is because the Bi and Ce has formed a stable compounds. The nucleation effect of rare earth. Since the 1960 s of the study showed that the inoculants containing cerium can keep the liquid iron in the midterm increase the count, the final group contains more chilling tendency of graphite ball and smaller. The research also suggests that nucleating agent containing rare earth can improve the breeding effect of nodular cast iron and significantly improve the ability of resistance to recession. In rare earth can make the graphite ball and the reason for the increase of the number can boil down to: rare earth can provide more crystal nucleus, but it is compared with the FeSi inoculation of crystal nucleus composition is different; Rare earth can make the original ( Exists in liquid iron in) No activation of the crystal nucleus to grow up, as a result, the total number of crystal nucleus in the iron liquid increase. Xin, Johnson was founded in 2012 on April 8, the transportation is convenient in: guangzhou, high-speed, high-speed Shen Hai, same highways as well. 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