Don't make money someone says casting cost accounting method, collection

by:XEX     2021-01-10
Now, low profit in foundry industry is getting more and more, to survive in such bad environment, will & other Meticulous & throughout; , small make up have collected some castings cost accounting method, for your reference, hope can be a little use on casting industry, if you have a better way of accounting can also share with us. Pick up the recycling is to point to in the back of each furnace burden, including poured riser, lay the raw edges, burrs and other waste, therefore, when calculating the cost can be lost. With iron lost part. Coal 115 per ton. 08 yuan. Electricity: when using frequency furnace smelting, casting with 1000 KWH per T 0. RMB 85 / degrees. Make die mould with polystyrene, 64 per T castings. 8 yuan of polystyrene. Through the above data can be seen that the casting material capital is about 4352 per ton. 89 yuan. In accordance with the national electrical and mechanical industrial casting factory price calculation method 'benchmark parts consumption per ton of 56 hours. 7 / T. VAT: as the casting price is low, losing money, so very little appreciation, but at all levels of government make clear a regulation, all necessary taxation of make out an invoice, so at 8% VAT, and capital profit margin at 5%. I don't know, you have any different opinions?
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