Dongguan fine machining of precision casting method

by:XEX     2021-02-28
Dongguan precision casting processing fine, not messy, close to the final shape of parts, machining or directly use very little, is a leading skills, near net form of forging industry is a very good skills and skills, its use is very broad. Dongguan precision casting is not only applicable to various types, various alloy forging, casting and production high dimensional accuracy, surface quality is higher than other forging method, or even other forging method is difficult to cast the messy, high temperature resistant, not easy process castings, but fine malleable cast in investment made in the choice. Now revestment precision forging technology of rapid development in the world, using a wide range, from the point of the current situation, future development trend of this technology is more close to the parts, casting products traditional precision casting process for blank, not adapt to the rapid market pressure. Parts of goods, sundry level and the quality is higher and higher, development is more and more powerful, professional collaboration started flashing, CAD, CAM, CAE, become the main part of product development. The influence of pouring temperature, the higher the pouring temperature, shorten the rate, the greater the pouring temperature is lower, the smaller the reduced rate, pouring temperature, the more appropriate. Investment casting is made of some special design of the refractory coating fusible materials. Dongguan precision casting after drying and hardening form a monolithic shell, the model by steam or hot water melting from the shell, shell on the sand box, and then in a nearby dry sand filling, the last will die in the roaster baking at high temperature, casting or shell was roasted, molten metal is poured into the casting. https://www. xexfoundry。 com/
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