Dongguan - foundry casting process knowledge Dongguan foundry casting

by:XEX     2021-02-27
Dongguan castings' target='_blank'>casting foundry clay bonded sand for casting, molding materials production is the process method has a long history, is also the most widely application scope. With a long history dating back to thousands of years ago; Its application scope, can be said that there is no place not all over the world.   But it is worth noting that in all sorts of chemical bonded sand at cuny development today, the modelling of clay green sand are still important material, its broad scope of application, consumption, is can't compare with any other molding materials. According to the report, the American iron and steel casting, made of clay green sand accounted for more than 80%, the Japanese iron and steel casting, made of clay green sand accounted for more than 73%, the conditions at the modelling ability is extremely strong, is also an important characteristic of clay green sand. Today with the fast development of science and technology, the growing demand for casting industry department, at the same time, more and more high to the requirement of dongguan foundry casting quality, modern foundry, modelling equipment productivity raised to an unprecedented level, if you can't make the molding sand performance fully adapted to the specific production conditions or cannot effectively control the stable, consistent, not how long might be buried foundry in waste.
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