Dongguan pig iron casting factory process is how to don't miss - Dongguan pig iron casting factory

by:XEX     2021-03-02
Dongguan pig iron casting pig iron casting factory is a common casting technology in recent years, it is to cast iron alloy after dip-coating refractory coating and drying, buried in the dry quartz sand in the 3 d modelling, vibration casting molding sand box under negative pressure condition pouring into the molten metal and the polymer material model heat gasification, make its one-time molding a casting method. The casting process is divided into manufacturing foam model, coating, sand casting and processing four aspects. 1. Model: according to the casting material and requirements about the quality of the castings to choose the types of cast iron or other metal, according to the casting wall thickness to choose small size. 2. Coating: we have dip-coating method commonly used coating methods or, with the method of immersion, spray, brush, spraying, flow and method. To put it in 55 ℃ after smearing stoving 2 - the atmosphere 10 hours. Drying when should pay attention to the flow of air, to reduce the humidity, improve the efficiency of drying. 3. Casting, pig iron casting temperature should be higher than ordinary sand casting of 30 ~ 50 ℃, the casting process generally take a slow fast slow way of casting, in order to prevent the spray at the beginning, then to prevent casting is not enough, after the liquid metal to prevent the spillover. 4. Sand processing: after casting, close vacuum valve, after waiting for casting condensing box, take out the casting. Specific steps for sieving conveyor sieve out qualified sand a chain hoist a horizontal cooling machine cooling sand ( Water + air) A bucket elevator stored dry sand shape. Dongguan pig iron casting foundry pig iron casting process of the above four interlocking, every process, we should be in strict accordance with the above in the process of casting process, to ensure the casting operation smoothly.
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