Dongguan pig iron casting factory should pay attention to avoid what problem? - Dongguan pig iron casting factory

by:XEX     2021-03-02
Dongguan pig iron castings' target='_blank'>casting factory is more common in recent years, a kind of manufacturing process, the process in equipment production occupies a large proportion. The production technology's not as easy as it sounds, it is need to operate according to certain procedures. In order to ensure the quality of the castings. We also need to pay attention to in the process of casting the following points: 1. Pig iron casting process, in order to avoid too fast gating choke phenomenon, at the start of the casting should be used first trickle slowly pouring method, after waiting for pouring system is filled with liquid metal, can increase the casting speed, but pouring basin as the metal is not spillover as guidelines; In late stage, when the liquid metal to look at the top of the riser or root, should just need to receive packages, to keep rising steadily and not make the metal liquid metal out of the riser. 2. Bottom note package of liquid metal heat loss small, big head, casting speed, pulp are floating on the metal surface, casting steel is clean, therefore, should choose as far as possible in the process of casting bottom note. Restricted by equipment conditions, on some requirements is not high, or general small and medium-sized iron castings with subcontract pouring. In addition, when we are in dongguan pig iron casting foundry pig iron casting, should keep continuously injected into the metal liquid, until the mold is filled with. Otherwise, it in the juncture of casting the whole plane cold insulation defects.
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