Dongguan precision casting: a high carbon content is what reason

by:XEX     2021-02-28
Dongguan precision casting stainless steel castings are used in all kinds of stainless steel material production of steel, mainly used in all kinds of medium corrosion conditions. About high carbon stainless steel castings generally become bad product will cause the alloy steel castings, cause some waste of resources, a lot of people don't understand this reason, we need to avoid, so stainless steel casting high carbon content is what reason? 1, alloy steel castings pouring conditions set unreasonable, such as casting filling process is too long, cause in the process of casting pouring molten steel temperature is low, especially for casting wall thickness increases, pouring liquid steel solidification speed is slow, the dongguan precision casting said increase the carburizing steel and carbon deposition. 2, carbon content in the alloy steel castings production smelting ingredients not strict control, especially the carbon content in the all kinds of scrap steel and all kinds of scrap whether there are other alloy material is unknown. 3, alloy steel casting gating system setup is not reasonable, especially the vacuum system and casting sand box or casting pouring process model of configuration is not reasonable, cause in the process of casting, casting the shape of the thermal decomposition product cannot quickly quickly get rid of casting mould, casting carburizing or carbon. Dongguan precision casting high carbon content is generally caused by introduced several aspects of the above reasons, need stainless steel precision casting can consult at any time! https://www. xexfoundry。 com/
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