Dongguan precision casting parts easy to brittle fracture

by:XEX     2021-03-02
Dongguan precision casting methods generally used in precision casting, when the stainless steel castings in hulling, mechanical processing, and in the process of installation, often attack brittle fracture ( The brittle fracture) The phenomenon. In case of this problem, will make the whole furnace casting scrap, cause there are many reasons for this phenomenon, the following are examples to introduce for everybody. Dongguan precision casting occurs brittle fracture reason is as follows: 1, melting the deoxidizer aluminum consumption is too high, it with the nitrification in the steel is easy to form aluminum nitride clip and make the brittle fracture of the casting. 2, furnace lining building boric acid dosage is too high, and make the steel carbon boron compounds, namely 'boron brittle'. 3, excessive amounts of carbon and other alloying elements beyond the promise to scale will increase the brittleness of steel, for example, when used in pig iron carburization dongguan precision casting, material carefully, or the accounting, will bring into harmful elements. 4, molten steel overheating and severe heat treatment operation wrong, coarse grains. https://www. xexfoundry。 com/
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