Dongguan precision casting process

by:XEX     2021-03-01
Dongguan precision castings' target='_blank'>casting processes available types of alloy precision casting production of carbon steel, alloy steel, heat-resistant alloy, stainless steel, precision alloy, magnetic alloy, bearing alloy, copper alloy, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, ductile iron, etc. Wax casting the shape of the individual are fighting strength complex, casting can be cast out of the hole of the minimum diameter of 0. 5 mm, the minimum wall thickness casting is 0. 3mm。 In production can be combined to some this came from several parts of components, through the process of transition parts of structure, design become integral parts and directly by the precision casting cast out, to waste oil processing hours and metal material consumption, doubled parts structure reasonable. Most of the weight of investment castings for zero dozens of cattle, Dozens of grams to a few kilograms) , too heavy castings with precision casting process to produce more trouble, but now in the production of large component of the investment castings has been at the mercy of 800 cattle. Dongguan precision casting temperature can effectively ensure the melt in the injection process has a good liquidity. Stainless steel precision casting temperature selection need according to the distance of casting, casting process of cooling and the flow to determine in the process of casting. Dongguan precision casting round ingot crack tendency is low, can effectively guarantee the alloy has good ability of exhaust and contraction. It can create close to its order and increase its density. Generally high casting temperature, casting 350 mm above the casting temperature is 730 ~ 75. Zero degrees centigrade. Precision casting precision casting precision casting factory | | | dongguan precision casting precision foundry processing | dongguan | stainless steel precision casting: WWW. ggcasting。 com
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