Dongguan precision casting shrinkage

by:XEX     2021-03-01
Dongguan precision casting shrinkage this is a very common problem, different material and casting methods have different shrinkage rate, in the manufacture of moulds, first to calculate its shrinkage rate probably in advance. A, casting shrinkage refers to: casting during solidification cooling, castings due to produce line contraction between actual size and shape dimension reduction rate. Dongguan precision casting shrinkage depends on: the size of the alloy composition, the shrinkage of casting structure, size, material, shell making refractories, the pouring temperature of liquid alloy, etc. The casting shrinkage epsilon = ( L - L1) / L for shape size in L1 x 100% type. L1 for casting size. Second, the shrinkage rate is determined by the material, but the shrinkage of concrete parts size may be different is determined by the shape of steel structure. For example: a figure long triangle edge width 2 parts if 1 side than wide, so this part will happen in the case of don't take the necessary measures casting bending deformation, but it is not caused by shrinkage rate is different, 20 products shape, usually for the same kind of material, the shrinkage is the same, the dongguan precision casting shrinkage of concrete measure and calculation is also the standard provisions of the state, you can find. Three, casting shrinkage rate is also called casting line shrinkage, refers to the size of each part of the casting during solidification shrinkage of percentage. It has to do with the casting alloy type, chemical composition, the type of mold, cooling conditions and the characteristics of the casting itself structure factors are closely related. The casting shrinkage rate = ( Casting size - eventually Image size) Size/shape * 100% at https://www. xexfoundry。 com/
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