Dongguan precision casting technology characteristics in detail

by:XEX     2021-02-28
Dongguan precision casting on the mechanical properties of the technical characteristics of dongguan precision casting in use process is relatively high, is mainly due to the high melting point products, stainless steel precision casting steel easy oxidation of liquid, liquid steel illiquid, shrinkage ratio of 10. In 14% of cases. Dongguan precision casting effectively prevent the cast steel casting, shrinkage, shrinkage, cold insulation, defects such as cracks and adhering sand. In use process, more complex than cast iron craft measures must be taken. In use process, the dongguan precision casting shrinkage rate is higher than cast iron. In order to effectively prevent the casting defects and contraction in use process, most of the iron castings can be used as riser, cold and subsidies, in the process of casting solidification so as to realize order. Set up a file in the dongguan precision casting, steel flow is relatively poor. In order to effectively prevent cast steel cold insulation and pouring, casting steel not less than 8 mm, with a thick wall of gating system structure is simple, cross section size is greater than the cast iron. Because the dongguan precision casting of high temperature, molten steel overheating, need to keep the liquid in the process of using time, in use process can improve its liquidity, but higher temperatures will directly lead to defects such as coarse particle. Hot crack, etc. Dongguan precision casting is a small, thin, complex casting, its melting point is about steel melting point of about 150 degrees, big thick wall castings pouring temperature higher than the melting point of about 100 degrees.
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