Dongguan precision foundry is how to prevent stainless steel castings produced cracks

by:XEX     2021-03-02
Dongguan precision foundry is how to prevent cracks 1 stainless steel castings, stainless steel casting should fully consider when casting structure, shape, large, wall thickness and transition effects such as factors of liquid and solid state contraction of castings, select the appropriate process parameters, to prevent the shrinkage of casting defects such as shrinkage. 2, melting process, try to reduce the content of harmful elements such as P, S, lower N, H, O gas and inclusion content, etc. Through the adoption of low phosphorus steel intermediate alloy, can have very good effect. 3, heat preservation heat preservation time of the casting sand mold by extended appropriately, dongguan precision foundry mainly control box temperature below 70 ℃, ensure full completion of liquid and solid in the sand mould castings contraction, avoid stress concentration caused by external force factors. 4, shakeout in the process of casting sand cleaning, do not play the box when watering the sand mould and casting, it is forbidden to use the strong external forces such as hit box shakeout impact way, avoid interaction force and the internal stress of the casting crack. Stainless steel casting crack prevention, dongguan precision foundry Suggestions can according to the above method to prevent. https://www. xexfoundry。 com/
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