Dongguan precision foundry processing cost

by:XEX     2021-03-01
Dongguan precision foundry processing can also be based on metal precision casting precision casting processing and processing technology is divided into gravity die casting. Gravity precision casting processing is to point to in under the action of gravity precision casting process, liquid metal in the earth, also known as precision casting processing. Generalized gravity precision casting processing include sand casting, metal precision casting process, casting precision casting processing, mud casting, etc. ; Narrow gravity precision casting processing refers to metal castings. Die casting refers to the injection molding process, under the action of other external forces ( Zero gravity) The liquid metal. Normal die casting, including die casting machine processing precision casting and vacuum precision casting processing and low pressure precision casting process, centrifugal precision casting processing, etc. ; Die casting precision casting processing special metal mold die-casting die-casting machine, die-casting for short. Kyokuto precision precision casting factory engaged in precision casting sand mold and metal mold gravity processing. These types of precision casting process is by far the most commonly used precision casting non-ferrous metal processing, is also the lowest relative prices. Precision casting process based on green sand as the main molding materials, dongguan precision foundry production traditional precision casting process. Gravity commonly used sand mold precision casting processing, have special requirements also can use low pressure precision casting processing, centrifugal precision casting processing technology, etc. Sand mold precision casting machining scope is wide, small, big, simple parts, composite parts, units, and large quantities can be used. Sand mold precision casting processing equipment, used to made from wood, commonly known as wood pattern. Kyokuto precision precision casting factory is to change the wooden changeful form, easy to damage and other ills, in addition to a single production sand mold precision casting process, all high dimensional accuracy, long life aluminum mold or resin mold. Although prices have improved, but much cheaper than metal precision casting moulds, in small batch production, the price advantage is particularly prominent. In addition, the sand is higher than metal type refractories, therefore in the process also USES copper alloys and ferrous metals such as melting point material. Sand mold precision casting processing, however, also has some disadvantages: because each can only cast a sand mold precision casting processing, precision casting processing after the mold is damaged, must make a new model, so the precision of sand mould casting processing production efficiency is low; And because the overall properties of the sand soft porous, so sand mold precision casting processing dimensional accuracy is low, the surface is rough. Kyokuto precision precision casting factory, however, many years' accumulation of technology, greatly improving the sand on the surface of the sand, then effect is equivalent to that of metal castings. 3. Metal precision casting processing is to use heat resistant alloy steel precision casting machining precision casting of modern technology. Metal mold gravity precision casting processing, die-casting is also available. Metal mold can be repeatedly used, every time a molten metal, casting, long service life, high production efficiency. Metal mold casting dimension precision not only, the surface is smooth, and in the casting under the condition of the same metal solution, strength higher than that of sand mold casting, more easily damaged. Therefore, in the mass production of small-sized castings in nonferrous metal, as long as the precision casting processing materials of high melting point, usually preferred metal precision casting processing. Metal precision casting processing, however, there are also some disadvantages: because of the heat resistant alloy steel and its application in processing of the hollow cavity is more expensive, so expensive metal mould, but the overall and die casting mould cost is also much cheaper. For small batch production, each product mould cost is too high, obviously in general is not easy to accept. And because by the mold material size and metal mould cavity processing equipment, precision casting processing equipment capacity constraints, so the special casting also seems to be weak. So in small batch production, rarely use metal castings. In addition, the metal mold, although of heat-resisting alloy steel, heat capacity remains limited, commonly used in aluminum, zinc alloy, magnesium alloy castings, copper alloy castings has been seldom used, even for ferrous metal casting. Dongguan precision foundry processing metal mold are independent design, independent manufacture, can timely to provide cheap, suitable for high quality mould. https://www. xexfoundry。 com/
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