Ductile affect estimates of pipeline operation benefit

by:XEX     2020-12-29
Due to improper selection of calculation method, the selection of pump and pipeline of actual operation has brought great influence, it should cause enough attention. Pump selection due to domestic also lack of ductile cast iron pipe standard calculation method, design departments tend to use d Lev formula and the calculated pipe head loss are much higher than the actual value, selection of pump head is on the high side, so, the operation of the pump gravely deviates from the optimal point, the running efficiency of pump could not within the scope of the best operating range, cause energy waste. Dynamic balance of estimating assumptions: - Constant flow rate, the excess head by adjusting the consumption on the line loss. Year after the pipeline operation, the calculation formula of dynamic balance: M = 24 x 365 x Q Δ h/( 102η) M: a year in the power balance, kW · h Q: pipeline flow, l/s Δ h: poor head loss, M, Δ h = h1, h2 eta: water pump efficiency, this value is 0. 8 design water Q l m/s/s DN mm velocity Δ h = h1, h2 m dynamic balance 1 m kw · h 100 300. 41 48. 114 5. 17×105 300 500 1. 53. 27. 9 995. 02×105 700 800 1. 39 11. 429 8. 00×104 1200 1000 1. 53 10. 197 1. 22 x 104 above knowable, as a result of the calculation formula is not correct, cause the pump selection is undeserved, cause the excess power output is quite huge.
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