Ductile cast iron pipe with normal pipeline cannot distinguish?

by:XEX     2020-12-15
Ductile iron pipes as the ordinary corrosion resistance of cast iron pipe, but also has high strength, good toughness, wall thin, light weight, impact resistance, bending performance, easy installation, etc. Ductile iron pipes, therefore, not only has been widely used in foreign countries, and also got very good promotion and application in our country. In many areas in our country, ductile cast iron pipe, small diameter of has been widely used in water supply pipe; Performance comparison: ductile iron pipe and steel pipe steel can be divided into seamless steel pipes and seamless steel pipe, water pipe in the tank using slotted tube in general. Compared with nodular cast iron pipe, steel pipe has good toughness and high tensile strength, thin wall, high pressure resistance, long pipes, less joints, etc. The disadvantage of poor corrosion resistance, the price is expensive. ; Nodular cast iron pipe with prestressed concrete performance comparison, nodular cast iron pipe with the prestressed reinforced concrete has the following features: energy saving, the main material for sand and gravel. Ductile iron pipes and compare the performance of PVC plastic pipe, PVC pipe with inside sleek, light weight, corrosion resistance, antiscaling performance is good, price is low wait for a characteristic, but there are also easy to aging, thermal expansion and cold, not suitable for long time sunshine insolate shortcomings, such as storage temperature should not be higher than 40 ℃. Low strength, compressive performance is poor, improper construction is easy to cause deformation. Poor rigidity, flexibility is poor, easy to cause leakage.
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