Ductile cast iron pipe with steel pipe construction progress

by:XEX     2020-12-14
Ductile iron pipe installation is simple, time and energy; Single pipe installation takes about 10 to DN1000 above 40 minutes to complete; Can save a lot of installation cost and shorten installation period. Compared with other pipe construction technology has great advantage. Steel and iron pipe construction progress and contrast table project acceptance procedures of tubing ductile cast pipe steel pipe connecting method using the flexible mechanical interface; Can be applied directly. Simple welding workers quality training of highly skilled technical workers need time 10 - each interface - - - About 2-40 minutes - - 4 hours environmental requirements bad weather can also be construction in winter, rainy day, bad weather can't construction. Anticorrosive processing ( Strengthening) Has been done in the factory, in construction field, often by the operation technology, site conditions, material quality, weather, environmental impact and is difficult to ensure the quality. Acceptance criteria hydrostatic test joint ultrasonic testing; To 5% of the X type joint X-ray photographic detection; Hydrostatic test. Suitable for conveying various fluid, other media. Not suitable for corrosive medium. Through the contrast can be seen in the table above: compared under the same construction conditions, high construction speed ball iron pipe; Acceptance is convenient; Technical requirements of construction workers is low; Is different from the steel pipe construction advantage: construction in bad weather; Especially for Yu Dazhong city construction requirements of short time limit for a project; And can save a lot of construction cost.
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