Ductile cast iron water pipe construction method - Hydrostatic test

by:XEX     2021-02-01
Ductile casting' target='_blank'>cast iron water pipe construction method - Hydrostatic test ( 1) Hydraulic experiments should be unified command, clear division of labor, on the back, piers, interface, such as exhaust valve should be stipulated the specialist is responsible for inspection, and found that the problem of contact signal are clearly defined. ( 2) After the completion of the pipeline interfaces, with a short GuanJia, short tube b, and blind flange will be closed, the pressure on both ends of the section and tee filling pressure section in addition to the interface to the pipe roof above 50 cm and compaction. Well back, valve, tee pipe reinforcement, etc. By low water, high exhaust, filled with water after soaking after 24 hours, under the pressure test for 10 min buck is not greater than zero. 5 mpa, is qualified. ( 3) The water pressure experiment should be booster, step by step. Every time a booster to 0. After every time it is advisable to 2 mpa, booster, voltage stability check continue to step up when there is no problem. ( 4) Winter for hydraulic antifreezing measures should be taken. Pipeline backfill soil can be appropriately heightening, exposed interface package tightly with the multilayer hulls, In series water and test the temporary line insulation wrapped package, when you don't water emptying in time. ( 5) When the water pressure experiment, back and support, the pipe shall not stop near people, inspection shall be carried out when stop booster.
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