Ductile casting is introduced variety of USES don't say you know best - Ductile casting

by:XEX     2020-12-24
Ductile so incredible is the spheroidal graphite, graphite is obtained by spheroidizing. Ductile now widely used in the casting manufacturer, to join the ductile cast iron products is nodular cast iron. In ductile casting increases the toughness and plasticity, can improve the mechanical properties of castings, comprehensive performance is close to steel, it is for this reason that makes ductile casting is second only to the most widely used casting products for castings. Ductile casting good casting casting of cast iron platform, cast iron plate with high strength, good appearance, long service life characteristics, therefore, the stand or fall of casting process depends on the immanent quality of cast iron platform, cast iron plate, the customer must before signing the contract and suppliers to discuss the proper casting process. Ductile casting USES a very wide range, common are ductile pipes, ductile manhole covers, ductile flange, ball valves, machinery ductile casting ink, etc. , can say ductile casting has been integrated into every aspect of our lives. Ductile iron is grey cast iron molten iron after spheroidizing treatment, precipitation of graphite spheres, hereinafter referred to as ductile iron. Than ordinary grey cast iron has high strength, good toughness and plasticity. Used in the manufacture of internal combustion engine, auto parts and agricultural machinery.
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