Ductile casting pipe bracket installation

by:XEX     2020-12-25
Ductile casting pipe bracket installation 1, the installation of the pipe bracket, adopts the bolts will support base plate with fixed structure wall body; In the fixed work, must pay attention to the safety of the structure, can not have any fixed to structure. 2, before the fixed bracket, pipeline steel in advance according to construction drawing, according to the water supply and drainage pipe to the slope of the pipeline and measuring unreeling, technical specification and related specifications in accordance with the provisions of table 3 for support on the pipe support spacing of permanent jobs. 3, support the installation of fixed should level off, should have a certain slope value (between relative support Pipeline slope) , the installation position should be correct, comply with the relevant requirements, the installation, should also consider the pipe valve parts, metal hose, and the position of the fixed bracket, etc, to avoid as much as possible. Pipe support arrangement should not only meet the requirements of the spacing and to achieve uniform spacing, beautiful appearance. In each layer from the ground 1 stand pipe. 5m- 1. At least 1 pay bracket 8 m. 4, the installation of pipe fixed bracket, should according to the construction drawings and the relevant provisions in the pipeline installation fixed in a certain position at both ends of the metal hose, metal expansion joints, and at the end of the line terminal and modified line shall be set fixed bracket. ( The original from: http://www. xexfoundry。 com/)
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